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We are sure you won’t forget to pack your beach essentials—a swimsuit or two, plenty of sun lotion, and a cool pair of shades. If you happen to be in the market for the latter, then consider one of the most iconic all-American styles—the aviator.Its history dates back to the 1930s, when lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb was asked by the U.S.Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale. Air Force to design a special lens to prevent pilots’ headaches caused by the sun’s glare at high altitudes.Cheap Ray Ban Sungalsses. The result, as you may have guessed, is the now-classic aviator lens shape that Ray Ban later introduced to the general public.Since then, pretty much every brand has released its own version of the design.

What we love the most about the aviator is its flattering shape that looks good on both men and women.For an über luxurious and effortlessly cool take, look no further than Dior’s two-tone lenses or Porsche Design’s 80s-inspired sunnies.Keep scrolling to see our favorite pairs and pick one to take with you to spring break.Fake Ray Bans.When the pilots of the US Air Force began to complain that their glare of the sun causes nausea and headaches, US Army Air Corps asked the manufacturers of medical equipment Bausch & Lomb to make sunglasses that will solve the problem.Ray Ban Outlet. Glasses with plastic frames and green lenses, simply referred to as anti-glare appeared in 1936, and after the excellent initial results, the plastic frame is replaced by metal.

The name was changed to Ray-Ban Aviator and the legend was created!Ray-Ban can thank film and celebrities for their celebrity. Tom Cruise and Top Gun gave a nod to Ray Ban, thanks to which sales of the legendary glasses again surged. But the connection between Ray-Ban and film industry began even earlier.Cheap Ray Bans. Ray-Ban, in 1952, released the model Ray-Ban Wayfarer with plastic frames, made famous by James Dean three years later in the film Rebel Without a Cause.Ray Bans On Sale. Peter Fonda’s film Easy Rider celebrated the model the Olympian.Although the Aviators are probably Ray-Ban’s most famous model, the best-selling title still belongs to the model the Wayfarer.

Even greater fame experienced 30 years later when it came out in the movie The Blues Brothers.The popularity has led to a large number of copies and imitations.Discount Ray Bans. Therefore, how can you identify an original? Besides the price, the first step lets you overlook most glasses. If they say the B & L RAY-BAN ITALY it is a copy, because the original writes RAY-BAN and data on the width of the lens and the bridge in millimeters.Ray Ban Sale. The original Ray-Bans are laser engraved RB on the lens, while copies have written (not engraved) RB regular edges. Also, each model comes with a sticker bearing the logo says 100% UV protection is a copy, because the originals come with a label that says Polarized and original models come with a small booklet.

During the late 90s, the popularity began to fall because their big piece of the pie related brands such as Oakley, which have become popular among young people. The owner of the brand, Bausch & Lomb, therefore decided to sell their share of the company that was responsible for sunglasses and more inclusive brands Revo, Arnette and Killer Loop.Ray Ban Sunglasses. Stakeholders lacked a buyer at the end of the Italian Luxottica. Before purchasing, Luxottica was known as a producer of frames for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Brooks Brothers, Vogue and Anne Klein.Ray Bans Sunglasses For Men.Released in 1952, the Wayfarer is famous for James Dean, who wore them in the film Rebel Without a Cause, but also in his private life.

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